Good Game But Wish It Was Longer

User Rating: 7 | Super Dragon Ball Z PS2
The Dragon Ball Z Series Was Based On The Hit TV Show And Has Been Going Strong Since. Even Though The Show Has Been Cancelled Over A Decade Ago The Game Still Don't Disappoint, In Some Cases. The Overall Fighting Is Great You Will Be Doing Combos In A Matter Of Minutes I Did Not Get This Game Alone I Got It In The Dragonball Z Triliogy Which Included Super Dragonball Z, Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi, And Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Of Course This Game Doesnt Compare To Either One But This Just Not A Horrible Game Like Some People Have Left Reviews About It. Although There Is No Story Mode The Only One I Guess Could Be Compared To It Is The Original Mode But All You Do Is Fight Seven People And Then Cell Then You Beat Him And He Self Destruct And You Fly Away. But You Do Get Dragon Balls In Both Original And Survivor Mode. Once You Get All Seven Dragon Ball You Can Go Summon Shenron. And You Can Get Wishes Like Getting Power Ups Or Even New Characters. Survivor Mode Is You Have One Bar Of Life And You Try To Beat All Seven Of The Fighters Then There Is A Wheel That You Would Probably Try To Land In The Dragonball But It Goes Faster and Faster After Each Stage Okay So I've Told You About Original Survivor Dragon Summining There Is Also A Training Mode A Versus Mode And A Customize Mode And Thats About It It's Definitely Worth Playing. Thank You So Much For Reading My Review