This could have been a great game, but they failed in many areas. This is a long review but if you're getting the game.

User Rating: 7.5 | Super Dragon Ball Z PS2
This game had so much promise only to fail in so many ways.

Now one thing that's annoying is that the back of the box lies to you. Cyborg Frieza has been available in other games but they claim this is his first appearance. Next is the lightning Fast combos... now that's a lie, i got off a 13 hit combo and that's it.

Next is the story mode. It's too easy! I finished it within ten minutes and it took that long because there's a load time between each fight. Also always ending with Cell makes it very repetitive.

Z Survivor... it's very annoying. It's 9 stages of fights, you don't get any health back unless you land on the recovery in the bonus roulette. The roulette board has 7 choices, you'll probably focus on the health though. The problem is it's addicting and you spend countless hours on it, and you'll probably lose too. It addicting but not in the good way, it's addicting in the i wanna beat this damn game way.

Next problem is the controls. The controls are similar to Street Fighter only much less responsive. The attacks all have similar buttons required for using them. So, you're going to find yourself using the wrong attack alot. Also, it's one of those games where the computer does those impossible combos and attacks that you can't do. Also Super Saiyan lasts for about 30 seconds.

Next is the Dragonball's they're too easy to get and the wishes aren't anything game changing, plus you have to unlock wishes.

Also there are not alot of characters. 18 is ok, but there could have been alot more.

Last is the Dragon Finish. I've seen them on youtube they look pretty good. But there's one big problem... They won't work I've tried with every character that gets a dragon finish and none of them worked.

Now for the positives. The manga style graphics look nice and are very detailed. The attacks are pretty nice and the color variation is interesting to see. This is a good game to play with friends, especially if you're better than them. That's really it.

So overall, if you can look past the flaws it's a pretty good game. If you're a casual DBZ or fighting fan it's worth alook, but if you're a hardcore DBZ or fighting fan look elsewhere.