This game passes the expectation but doesen't give the total DBZ experience...

User Rating: 7 | Super Dragon Ball Z PS2
Super Dragonball Z packs some highly addictive fun and is simple but yet very exhilrating and has a lot of depth and strategy.
You couldn't expect less from Street Fighter creator himself, Noritaka Funamizu.
It proves to be very similar in a lot of ways to Street Fighter but in it's own DBZ way.For example, Piccolo stretches his arm just like Dhalsim does but Dhalsim can't use special beam cannons.
Besides that, SDBZ could've been better in an aspect of much more characters and game modes.This game is incredibly strong for arcade lovers but should've delivered a gaming experience for does new to the DBZ universe.
Another negative aspect about the game mode is that you'll find yourself playing with the same character over and over again to gain the dragon balls in the Original mode.You just fight.There's absolutely no story to explain why you are doing that.It makes SDBZ look like a dumb,no variety game.Even the characters don't escape.You have no explanations whatsoever of their lives,who they are,their objectives.You just simply get there and fight so you can get the dragonballs and grant your wish.I would give it a 7.1 but Gamespot doesn't let!I recommend it for old-school fans who love that Street Fighter experience.