If you're a fan of DBZ, don't go near this game. If you're a fan of fighting games in general, stay even further away.

User Rating: 1 | Super Dragon Ball Z PS2
The absolute worst DBZ game ever created. Seriously, I kid you not. This piece of garbage is worse than Dragon Ball Z: Saga's.
And believe me, that's terrifying!

The graphics were pretty bad. They looked like a horrible, overly - pixelated thing you'd find in a bad arcade out on a dirty beach. The character models looked stiff and somethings were impossible to look at. For example: Goku's arms have muscle, but it looks like just a bunch of random black lines. The backgrounds and stages were acceptable.

Being a DBZ game, the story is basically about Goku who is a Saiyan. Goku encounters many powerful foes and battles it out along the galaxy. I'm a hardcore DBZ fan, and I know pretty much every little intricate thing about the series.
But DBZ games can usually impress people with the dramatic storytelling.
But with this, there was absolutely no story. Story mode was where you pick a character and battle against random characters. There is no storytelling, you just jump into the action.
PERCENTAGE: N/A (As there is no story)

The music was anti - climatic and disgusting. Nothing else to say here.

Oh, hell. Having owned every single DBZ game from Budokai 1 to Raging Blast 1, I have encountered some bad DBZ gameplay. I've seen some horrible glitches, some terrible button mashers, but never have I seen something like THIS! There is WAY too many difficult buttons to be pressing to actually pull off a combo, attack, or transformation.
For example: Square, circle, triangle, square, x, diagonal left, down, diagonal left, triangle, square, diagonal right etc.
They're WAY to ahrd to pull off and I practically failed every single time. Plus, the gameplay was tiring and boring to begin with.

This game was possibly the worst game I have ever played in my life (excluding Battle Fantasia). And most definitley, the most tedious DBZ game I have ever played. Nothing in this game fits the epicness of Dragon Ball Z, and it is just horrible.