OMG if you even see this game dont even pick it up its weegee for DBZ fans!

User Rating: 2 | Super Dragon Ball Z PS2
Ok when iI got this game I was like HOLY FIRGGEN CARP THIS IS GONA BE GREAT!And then I play for like 10 hrs. and beat it I mean it sucked massave balls!And I mean demon balls! to do VS mode you gota have 2 player I like playing with a friend as much as the next guy but what the crap?!I like to fight the CPU some times 2 y,know!Dont even breath on that thing it will cut off the air you friggen breath!Itoke back to the game store and said why would you even sell this pice of carp?!And the guy said I know right it sucks!And thats was comeing from a DBZ fan 2!I mean realy its Weegee to DBZ fans(if you dont know who Weegee is look him up on youtube)this game is the friggen devil and Weegee put to friggen gather!So dont rent it dont buy it dont breath on it AND FOR GOD SAKE DONT LOOK AT IT!P.S. if you have a youtube friend re. me im mustwachYTPnow:)