This game was a huge disappointment for me.

User Rating: 3.5 | Super Dragon Ball Z PS2
I rented this game a few years ago. I've always been a DBZ fan, so after the success of the Tenkaichi series, I thought I would try it. Soon after, I realized the game was kind of, sort of, just a little teeny tiiiiny bit...horrible.

Controls: This is where the game was weakest for me. The controls were soo weird and confusing. I always hated it when a game made you use diagonals for commands. And the controls were full of them. A simple Kamehameha was pretty much impossible for me to do. Other attack commands for a littl combo would have several directional buttons, with diagonals. After trying many times and getting frustrated, I eventually would just start jamming on the D-pad, and somehow I actually used one.

Gameplay: The gameplay felt really clunky and difficult. With the horrible controls it was made even more frustrating. It's also one of those games where you're struggling to use a certain attack, and the computer can destroy you with all those too-difficult-to-use attacks

Sound: From what I remember, the voice acting wasn't that great.

Characters: Oh my God, there is such a small amount of characters in this for a DBZ game, and after the Tenkaichi series? That's just not acceptable. What's the point of adding "Cyborg Frieza" to make it seem more interesting? Why not just add a few more characters?

Graphics: I didn't like the graphics either, they made the game feel kind of outdated.

This game was overall very frustrating and just not-fun-to-play. Good thing I only rented it. Disappointment. :[