Kinda but not what some players of DBZ was expecting!!

User Rating: 7 | Super Dragon Ball Z PS2
Well i think most of the players of DBZ series that been following from Budokai may be a little disappointed of this new release, the graphics are not that good like others and the game play is a lot shorter and that takes away a lot of fun in the game.

Characters has a lot less powers and the combos don't seem to inflict that much of a damage on the opponents, but for us big fans is a good game for or collection.

Also it force each player to inflict at least a little damage little by little to so get the power gauge fill to perform finishing moves and sweet combos, and difficult because you need to be or even close or at short distance to make the damage of the moves a lot more certain.

At the end is a good game for those u loves DBZ series games should at least rent it and then make ur decision....but at the end it worth been in your collection.