A good solid fighter!

User Rating: 8.2 | Super Dragon Ball Z PS2
This is one of those games where you start playing and five minutes into the game you start to second guess your purchase,but ten minutes into the game you see that you made a good choice! I like the new fighting engine. Gone is the block and wait for your opponent to stop attacking and then attack engine of the Budokai and Tenkaichi games. This game has a fighting engine that will garner the respect of hardcore fighting fans and casual gamers alike.
The characters are closer to the manga than the anime and this is kind of a let down for some but fans of the manga will love the art style. The backgrounds take damage and can be destroyedby projectiles and punch and kick combos.
For the first time the characters all feel different except for 17 and 18 of course.
Each character has his or her own special combos and attacks;no more recycling combos. You can also link custom combos with your finishers.
The ultimates in this game are not as flashy as in other dragonball games but they keep the game exciting. You can also create a custom fighter an give him or her other fighter's moves. I would have liked a little more flash but this is still a great dbz game !