A piece of trash!!!!!

User Rating: 2 | Super Dragon Ball Z PS2
This game is probably one of the worst games I have ever played!!At first when i got this game i thought ahh man this has to be fun!!!!!I put it in my ps3 play it and the voice acting already sounds like crap!!!!When you do a combo you do a retarded direction on the analog stick and the controls are horrible!!!!!When doing a combo all you get is a 2 or 3 hit combo!Where the hell is the story on this it plan sucks!!!There is not many characters to choose!I recommended this if your buying a dragon ball z game dirt cheap dont get this waste of time game you will just be wasting your time.Then the computer beats the living crap out of you budokai 3 is alot more fun than this piece of trash.

not that many characters

these controls are a joke!!!!!!

voice acting:1/10
the voice acting is terrible

they aint all that great!!!!!

I seriously dont get it how could this game get so many rewards!!!!What iam telling you is dont buy this game it sucks!