User Rating: 4.9 | Super Dragon Ball Z PS2
I just bought this game today and after and hours gameplay i got bored and stopped. This was no ordinary dragonball z game... it was one of the worst of them all. Single player/ story mode was all over the place with no proper storyline and the characters combos were not complex enough and required more thought. If you have played the game "Dragonball Final Bout" and enjoyed that and enjoyed Street Fighter games then you should enjoy this was what i thought but i was wrong. Its still worth taking a look if you are a huge dragonball fanatic but if you enjoyed the previous tenkaichi game then it is recommended that you save your money and wait for that. I am surprised at the lack of things in the game as i expected more but then again it was just an arcade game. The actual gameplay was good and was quite enjoyable and fast paced but the actual game itself can be limiting. It is obvious that people have spent hard work on this game and i respect them for that and hopefully in future they can make improvements to make it that much better. Still worth a look at don't just judge it on reviews. But in my point of view... it was nothing special.