great game!! finally this could be called a dbz game

User Rating: 8 | Super Dragon Ball Z PS2
I've been a dbz fan all my life but i know when something sucks like dbz budokai tenkaichi.For so many years dbz creators have been trying to make good dbz games but only some would cut the cake for example,dragonball z hyper dimension for the snes and the whole budokai trilogy but this game is different in its all special way.The fighting engine is totally different and the colors are so cool, the art is just like the manga the super moves remind you of a street fighter game and the music is a great score for this game, controllers are easy to remember for one character at least because you have to master each one of the characters because they all have original moves and attacks.If i have something bad to say about this game is that there is no story but if you are a dbz fan or a fighting game fan this is a good time to get a master piece like this one you'll be playing for hours