Different but Great

User Rating: 8.1 | Super Dragon Ball Z PS2
The latest game from the Dragonball Z franchise is surprisingly not from the Budokai line but a game that is completely different from that in looks and gameplay. And their both positive. But before I go any further I will make the following statement;
BUDOKAI & SUPER DBZ are not the same game! you cannot compare them, they are both great in their own right.
However having said that this is a game for the more hardcore fans and even fighting fans in general. The combat is more intense then the Budokai series. This is because you hardly ever back away from your opponent in this. It's an all out brawl and you have to keep up the momentum if you want to win. The skills are also different in that you are already equipped with button combinations to pull off certain moves. It takes abit getting used but when you do, it's very fun gameplay.
There are only 18 characters but to make up for this they are fully customizable. You can change their costume and gain more impressive skills as well as to copy any of the opponents move you so desire. Freeza with Kamehameha anyone?
There are 2 main game modes. Original – which is an arcade mode where you fight 6 characters with the 7th being Cell. You win experience and a Dragonball each time you win. The other is Z survival - which pits you against character after character. Each time you win you get a roulette choice but it gets harder each time, as your health doesn’t replenish.
The rest are just basic game modes such as customization and options. The BGM is okay but turn it down a notch as it does deafen the fighting. The voices are in Japanese but that’s okay as their better then the American ones.
All in all a pretty descent game. It’s now a good jump on point for people who don’t have to like Dragonball but fighting games in general.