Super Crate Box is a 2D shotter, very addictive and FREE TO PLAY.

User Rating: 8 | Super Crate Box PC
The first thing that you can see easily in Super Crate Box(SCB from now on) is the old-school and 2D graphics. They look really attractive.
At the beginning you have to do a Tutorial, it's very short and it will teach you in simple steps the objective of the game and how to get it.
After the tutorial, you can start playing the first level. You'll start to understand the controls, the idea of the game and the most funny part, collecting crates. You will die a lot in the first minutes, but if you collect some crates, you'll eventually unlock some weapons. The basic idea is to collect crates(when you touch a crate, you will get a score, and a weapon, to complete the level and unlock other level, you will need minimum 10 crates). After you collect 10 crates, you will unlock a new level, here comes the first bad thing, you have only 3 levels, YES, only 3. So one of the most bad parts of the game, is that it's EXTREMELY short, at the point that in 20 minutes or less you will unlock all the levels and maybe all the weapons.
The very good part is that the game is extremely addictive and after you complete it you'll play for some hours more, looking for new characters and new weapons.
To conclude, is a really nice game, very addictive, but the trouble is that it's very , but VERY short. Anyway, it's a F2P (free to play) game and you can download it from Steam.