Bombs Away!

User Rating: 8 | Super Bomberman R PS4
I love Bomberman, been playing it on every system since Nintendo, so naturally when it was released for the PS4, it seemed only fair that I continue to support the game. The first thing I noticed that the cinemas were a bit on the kiddie side but knowing that this was a port from the Nintendo Switch, I wasn't too shocked by this but I couldn't X out of them either, which bugged me. The gameplay is decent, the graphics are above average but I have found in the "Defeat all Enemies" rounds, you can trade off lives to kill enemies and get rid of them faster, I'm not sure this is a great strategy but when you've been killed a number of times and you want to move on, you may want to use this. I believe I'm at end end and have reached the final boss, he's a big mother, I think I might be here awhile though but I think anyone who appreciated Bomberman in past console versions should give this a try, if not a purchase, a rental, you can get through it in a couple of hours if you keep at it.