The game that I will never forget, and the feelings it gave me while playing it.

User Rating: 10 | Summoner PC
My favorite game.
Even now, after so many years after beating it, it gives me that strange good feeling when I remember it.
The story is the best one I experienced in all games I played, even comparing it with the games that are the most popular and known to all gamers. You can never guess what next will happen in the game, since it is full of twists and turns, some of them are so unexpected, that it leaves impression: "Oh, my... What have I done?... All I have been fighting for, they crashed!!! Must show them who is the boss!!!"...
Exactly... The people you trusted most, let you down... The ones who hated you, actually were helping you all the time... But all that is hidden so well, and you have a feeling that you are really in that game, and you find yourself asking: "How could I believe to him???"
The thing I liked the most, is the moment where your party is separating, and it makes you feel like you're playing two games in the same time... Watch your actions with one part of your party, because it may influence the other one.
Eventually, you will control every character of your party, which gives you knowing every one of them. Be wild soldier, like Jekhar is, or be subtle thief like Flece is... The destiny of one of them, depends on how you will act like the other one.
Also, chain hits are great! During the game, you learn more chain moves, and you can format them as you like, choose four of them, which will do the best in given situation, like push, or kick...
The camera is the only thing here that can be annoying, but after awhile, you get used to it.
No matter what, this game is so playable and with such a good story, that eventually it makes you to simply live in that game, without paying attention on some other things, that you might not like.
Excellent story, great characters and combat, make you forget all you thought it was bad.