My favorite game ever! This is an RPG full of pure fun!

User Rating: 10 | Summoner 2 PS2
Summoner 2 is just damn fun to play. Some die-hard fans of the original Summoner dislike the changes made to the battle system, but I think every change made to Summoner 2 was for the better. It's not necessary that you've played the first game to enjoy this, but fans of the Summoner will recognize references to Summoner's story, some places in the game, and lore.

Gameplay: This is what will keep you coming back. I love the battle system in this game. This is an action RPG, so everything happens in real-time, but it's still party based. You have a party of 3, and you can control anyone you want in your party. There's a good selection of abilities for characters and you can play this game many times different ways. There are a lot of sidequests in this game and you probably won't be able to finish them all on your first playthrough.

Story: At first, the story may seem to make no sense. As you play through, the story unfolds into a complex, interesting and epic one. The characters are memorable with distinct personalities. Quirky humor abounds, and the characters insulting each other may give you an unexpected giggle.

Sound: I really like the music in this game. Some tracks are "tribal" sounding, and others can only be described as "ethereal", but most music fits the mood fairly well. If you liked the music in the first Summoner game, you'll love this.

Graphics: For the time, the graphics were pretty good, and by today's standards there's still nothing wrong with them. The unique art style of the Summoner games comes through very well. The environments are detailed with many things to look at.

Replay Value: This game has the most replay value for me than any other in my current collection, I play it completely about twice a year. It's a very satisfying, addictive action RPG. There's so much to do every time around.

Summoner 2 is a unique, atmospheric RPG that many fans of this genre would love. It's a gem probably overlooked by a lot of people.