Summoner 2 is not the most orginal of games. Though saying that everythong these days is a copy of somthign else

User Rating: 8 | Summoner 2 PS2
Summoner 2 is not the most original of games. Though saying that everything these days is a copy of somethign else in some shape or form. I know i write this review a long time after the game came out. But even in this day of PS3's and xbox 360's, i think it is a really nice looking game graphic wise. The characters are storng and well integrated into the story. I would like to say even know i really like this game there is a couple of things i think could have been better. First of all the story could explain itself more. The beginning of the game you are a ship, and gives little explanation why. I know it seems petty but never played the first game "Summoner" i felt a little disorientated with the story, and could scare if players. Then there is locations, i only wish that some of these thigns were explained just a little better for player understanding.

With other games in the genre with more to give, there is also less. And this game can stand on its own 2 feet and give one hell of a performance.

Thank you for reading.