Summoner 2 has the most memorable storyline and cast of individual characters you will ever encounter in a game

User Rating: 9.2 | Summoner 2 PS2
Summoner 2 is often underapreciated and i think ranks up there with recent hits like final fantasy x and xii. Not only is the gameplay fun and addicting as it is not only a hack and slash adventure but requires you to controll multiple characters with extremely different styles of fighting. One moment you could be hacking at multiple enemies with a huge axe and the next blasting them from a distance using first person viewing and even then sneaking up behind an unsespected group and backstabbing them. Though the combat is addicting and you will spend hours running around trying to solve the numerous puzzles and sidequests as well as earning money for better equipment in the arena.

What really attracts you to the game, however, is the engrossing story. From the moment the game starts you are facinated by the main character, a warrior princess with an unknown fate. Along your trip to find your desting along with solving varying and challenging puzzles you will also encounter numerous unique characters that will join you on your adventure. Each is unique and brings their own personality with them and you will find you still remember them from an arrogent pirate, to a sly assasin, from a mysterious robotic creation to a huge lumbering ogre-like character. One thing i still remember after beating the game is watching the special credits unlocked where you see the characters talking about what they do now that the game is over. It was probably the funniest thing i ever watched in a game and made it so i would never forget them as you could almost connect to and feel sorry for their hardships and losses as the game progressed. it is a truly all around great game and i recomend Summoner 2 to anyone who loves addicting gameplay as well as a great indeapth story.