Good RPG

User Rating: 7.8 | Summoner 2 PS2
I bought this game because I owned the first summoner and I kind of liked that one so I figured a sequel would be better. Well the graphics were a ton better. The gameplay was also alot better but for some reason I just did not like this game. As Maia the main character you find out you are a goddess reborn and you need to claim your destiny. You find as you travel that you have the power to transform yourself into 4 different types of creatures. This is the summoning from the first game. As you travel the land you learn how to change yourself and also gain other spells. You also meet new people who can join your party, each bringing different abilitys to your team. You travel around the world finishing quests for the main story and also doing little side quests. Story is pretty good and unfolds as you play. There are puzzles as you go throught the game and it is pretty much your typical RPG. I guess that is why I didn't really like brought nothing new to the table like the 1st one did. Rent it!