Summoner 2 Review by Piergierion (SPOLIERS)

User Rating: 6 | Summoner 2 PS2
This game puts you in the role of Maia, The Goddess Laharah Reborn. The game gives you good details about the storyline. How Laharah made the kingdom you rule. From, a twig, a grain of sand, blood, and an eye she made the first inhabitant of that kingdom. the teams at Volition Inc. kept the summon system in the game. However you get it sooner in the game than the first one, and unlike the first game where the summon was a party member in this game Maia becomes the summon. There are four types, Sand, Blood, Tree, and Eye. The summons have certain abilities that can either help or hinder you in battle, The Tree summon is fast but has low fire resistance. The blood summon is a walking tank but lvl.1 has no weapons and has little magic resistance. The Eye summon has low physical defense but high energy attack. My favorite one Sand, at lv. 1 is just a floating double-bladed sword. lv. 2 you shall see the beast holding the blade. The part I hate is when at the tempest when you're chasing Sur Dama Kir the bridge brakes and you have lost all of you items and scrolls. It is good but too reminiscent of the earlier game.