Summoner 2 Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Infinite Gold / Extra Experience

    Infinite Gold
    In Mas Ora's district of The Munari City, go to the first building on your left. Give the man there a loan of 1000 gold and he will give you a Bodril. Return here later in the game and he will offer to pay you back. Instead, tell him that you want to buy the Bodril for 5000 gold. Reply ''no'' to all of his other questions, and you'll get more gold every time. Leave the area, and he'll disappear.

    Extra Experience
    Enter Miridian's Pass after beating Sepulchre and follow the right-hand wall. You will find a trail that leads up into the mountains to a statue called ''The White Lady''. Equip Sangaril with a crossbow and enter first person view. Aim at the coloured gongs in a specific order to raise the bridge up to the statue. Once there, you will get 15000 experience points. Shoot the gongs in this order:
    First bridge - red, yellow, blue
    Second bridge - orange, green, yellow, red
    Third bridge - blue, orange, red, yellow, green

    Contributed by: Packing Heat 

  2. Arena Money Bug

    In Mas Ora's Arena, start a survival challenge. When the challenge starts, go up from the starting ramp and head straight over the arena's middle platform. Go up the first set of wooden stairs (which should be right directly across from the starting ramp) and talk to the waterfall where you get the Quest Item, Amok's Bane. By staying in the dialogue screen, enemies won't attack you or your party. The waves of enemies will keep coming and counter will still countinue to run up. After a few hundred waves, simply get out of the dialogue screen and die. You will be given a very large sum of gold as your reward...

    Contributed by: KingOfHearts781 

  3. Obtain money and EXP in the arena, with no risk of dying

    When you are in the "endless" fight in the arena, if the party member that you are in control of dies and you manage to be far enough away from where the waves of enemies appear (and have a magic caster in your team) leave your control on the party member that has died, and the computer magic caster will be able to take free shots at the enemies without them responding to it. This way you can kill thousands of enemies and build up a ton of money and EXP with no risk of dying.

    Contributed by: Morbozon 

  4. Back Stab trick

    Back stab does alot of damage from behind in battle, but instantly kills enemies when they are suprised attacked. Also though, when an enemy is sleep, frozen, or paralyzed, they are considered "suprised" when attacked. A very cheap trick is to put any of those 3 status effects on the enemy and then backstab them for an instant kill. This trick allows you to easily reach waves in the triple digits in survial mode at the arena...and actually be able to defeat them at the same time.

    Contributed by: happyscrub1 

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