Summer Sports Games Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Your 400 metres time is below 50 seconds! 400m Record
    You achieved 90 points in archery! Archery Record
    You came first in the Bronze Cup Competition! Bronze Cup Winner
    Your 100 metres dash time is below 9,5 seconds! Dash Record
    You came first in the Gold Cup Competition! Gold Cup Winner
    You achieved 90 metres or more in Hammer Throw! Hammer Throw Record
    You achieved more than 2.50 metres in High Jump! High Jump Record
    Your 400 metres hurdles time is below 35 seconds! Hurdles Record
    You came first in the Iron Cup Competition! Iron Cup Winner
    You threw more than 100 metres in Javelin Throw! Javelin Throw Record
    You achieved 9 metres or more in Long Jump! Long Jump Record
    You achieved 6.20 metres or more in Pole Vault! Pole Vault Record
    You ran the 4x100 metres relay in less than 36 seconds! Relay Record
    Split your own arrow. Robin Hood
    You achieved 29 metres or more in Shot Put! Shot Put Record
    You came first in the Silver Cup Competition! Silver Cup Winner
    You lifted more than 240 kg in Weightlifting! Weightlifting Record
    You came first in the Wood Cup Competition! Wood Cup Winner

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