"Best game ever! along with the other suikodens"

User Rating: 10 | Rhapsodia PS2
The suikodens are my favorite games of all time.

Suikoden Tactics is about a boy named kyril that wants to destroy all of the rune cannons which are cannons that use runes to power them, the runes canons are way to dangerous for mankind and that is why kyril wants to get rid of them.

When i first heard about suikoden tactics i was afraid i wouldn't like it becuase it wasn't an rpg like the others are, but when i got it i loved it just like i love the others, the tactic battles are fun and challenging, the graphics are good, the characters are great, the runes are a bit different in this one but they are still great as usual, the sound is great, the story is great also.

Suikoden tactics is a srpg so if you like strategy games or rpg games or both you should get this game!