Didn't regret playing Suikoden Iv after playing Suikoden Tactics.

User Rating: 8.3 | Rhapsodia PS2
Although many gamer and some Suikoden Fans though Suikoden IV is one of the worst game ever. However this game won’t let me regretted waste money and time playing Suikoden IV. Suikoden Tactics, a sequel of Suikoden IV has revealed much about Suikoden IV character and secrets. I’m not disappointed. The game play was good and the storyline was interesting like other Suikoden Series. The music of Suikoden Tactics was marvelous! However the graphic of the game was not that good which did not matter me. The battle was quite hard and tedious especially in obel ruins. There are a lot of enemies in each battle which make it challenging and fun. However this game is too short. I say it’s a must buy if you are disappointed about Suikoden IV and all Tactics game lover!