heard about this after 9 months of Suikoden IV's release, got physched, got even more ticked than Suikoden IV.!!!!!!!!11

User Rating: 5.5 | Rhapsodia PS2
you see i am a MAJOR SUIKODEN FAN, this game was i very big letdown for me, you know how sometimes in war battles some characters died in the army battles, in this alot of characters die permantly in any battle!
its like fire emblem in that way, but it isn't NEARLY as good as fire emblem OR any other game in the series, even Suikoden IV was better than this!
for God's sake, don't buy this unless,
A. you are a die hard fan (like me, but i hate this game so this may not apply)
B. you liked it after renting it.

the game's graphics are childish, but that ain't to bad a ting, not much else to say other than some runes are for mounts.