If you liked Final Fantasy Tactics and Suikoden IV. Beware the MAJOR TRANSLATION GLITCH.

User Rating: 7.5 | Rhapsodia PS2
Excellent game. If you liked Final Fantasy Tactics and Suikoden IV, this is a must ! Even if you never played Suikoden IV, you will appreciate Suikoden Tactics, but you'll be missing 2 great characters. Just play Suikoden IV because it's fun! TRANSLATION GLITCH : This applies to North-American versions:
If your system is set-up in French, The spoken dialogue will still be in English but the in-game subtitles will be in French. The enemies names and all the menus will be in French too, but some menus and commands are NOT TRANSLATED AT ALL. They are not in English either, simply nonexistent, which makes playing it in French almost impossible. If your PS2 is set-up in French, you should switch it to English to be able to play. I have not tested the game performance with other language setups (Spanish, etc.).