Incredible in 2002.

User Rating: 9.5 | Suikoden III (Konami the Best) PS2
Pros: Good story, memorable characters, decent music, good battle system, multiple protagonists, very satisfying

Cons: Graphics aren't spectacular, slow start, random battle systems are outmoded, connector-maps are tedious

Other thoughts: Sure, the graphics aren't great, random battles are irritating, and having to go through the same pointless maps over and over again to travel the map sucks. But this game will thoroughly please any Suikoden fan. The protagonists are really very likable characters, and even the antagonists can be sympathized with - there is more to (most of) them than "LOOK AT ME I'M EVIL!" You will again be recruiting hoards of characters for your own castle and army, and may need to use a walkthrough to get them all (there is a very satisfying special ending if you do.) The game starts slowly but stick with it - it quickly picks up and becomes one of the most memorable PS2 experiences. Graphics certainly are nothing to write home about. They are not well equipped to display action of characters in detail nor are they able to show character's face expression to something you can interpret or at the very least make the expression believable. A character running also doesn't feel like running. mounted attacks are awesome. Especially combo of Fubar and Hugo can deal unbelievable amount of damage. Trinity system was a very interesting and fresh concept. The story is good. Side quests are very interesting. It is possibly longer than Final Fantasy X.