Good game, but not what Suikoden series is about...

User Rating: 7.5 | Suikoden III (Konami the Best) PS2
Great graphics for its age, not the best they could afford back then but Suikoden was never for the graphics.
Trinity system or whatever its called....Yes its great to have 3 different perspectives (4 actually) but its great for a movie not for an rpg that you want to get into the role of the character you play, you see a burning village that suppose is the hometown of your main character (one of the three anyway) and you feel nothing...Its good they did not continue with this ides it would ruin the series and all the great legacy that suikoden 1 and suikoden 2 left would be in ruins.
Battle and traveling, the guys that thought of those ideas for a change should never work at an rpg game ever ever again, frustrating, idiotic and many other kind words i might find to say about them.
I wrote this review since I played the game recently ( I had only played suikoden 1,2 and 5 now I am catching up the missed ones) and I got really disappointed...I know its not that bad but as a hardcore suikoden fan I wanted much more and the option to connect to the little pixel guy I see in my screen.