Second series, but the best for the loyal fans~suikolover

User Rating: 10 | Genso Suikoden II (PSOne Books) PS
This lovely game has a lot of new features from suikoden. Beside RPG model that require to save the world and defeat the monster and bad guy Suikoden 2 has map battle, it some kind of war battle in Romance of Three Kingdom.

Beside the RPG fun you can also recruit 108 stars of destiny for your own fun, i mean to get the perfect ending you will have to get all of them and choose to do the right thing in the game. The story are also great, you won't forget it easily cause the game have a chinese tale where chinese tales are all unique and unforgetable.

The game also give a lot of minigame like fishing, dancing, cook-off battle. You can do some side quest to get one of the stars their true ending, like clive. The weapon is still and will always be the same with each character you can only sharpen it to make it stronger. And the rune can be combine in battle such as the last power of true wind rune can be combine with the last power of earth and make a powerful force damage to beat the enemy.

This game main character or tenkai star is Riou Genkaku (official name) and he will face the truth or reality of the real world that is cruel or he wouldn't know his best friend is the one who's against him. btw, Jeane and Viki is here again but i think Lorelai is still the most gorgeous girl.