Sudeki is a great fun action-adventure RPG for everyone.

User Rating: 8.5 | Sudeki XBOX
Sudeki is a bit of a simplistic action-adventure RPG that is definitely lots of fun. The characters that make up Sudeki are unforgettable and unique. When you start off you only have one character and along the way you pick up 3 more characters in your travels. Each has their own fighting style and weapons, along with their own personalities. At any point after you have more than one character you can control what ever one you want when you want. Even during battles you can switch to other people or switch back and forth. There will also be mini-puzzles to do throughout the game to advance. This game also allows for both first and third person view whenever you want. As far as storyline goes, it is the usual good versus bad. Graphics for this game are not bad. All the scenes are colorful and unique. Enemies are all different and present their own challenges as you go through this game. All though this game is a bit ordinary it is a lot of fun and something that will keep you occupied for awhile. I definitely recommend playing this game for any RPG fans.