Fantastic 4 in another worlds.

User Rating: 8.5 | Sudeki PC
First time I saw the cover, I thought it was made by Japanese developer. But after I see more info bout it, I thought I'm wrong. Sudeki remind me to several games : Final Fantasy cause character Tal the swordman similar with it, Fable : TLC cause the combat control, Seal of Evil cause the party, and Fantastic Four.
I never thought this game quite addictive, from quest to quest. In Sudeki we play as four different characters. Tal the swordman, descendant of Kariston, the god of battle, Ailish the witch heroine, descendant of Olivetess, goddess of magic and beauty, Buki the dark huntress, descendant of Mo, great god of cat and Shadani tribe (half human and animal), and Elco the gunslinger, descendant of Lebius, god of science and knowledge.
Two of them use melee weapon and the others use range weapon. Every character has special ability. Tal can push a box which has a sign 'push', Ailish can reveal hidden object, Buki can climb wall with her claw, and Elco can fly use his jetpack(but require a fuel from golden crystal).
The story start when world Haskilia attacked by Aklorian, army from another world. Anticipate the raid, Lusica, queen of Illumina Kingdom, ask Elco to create a "peace shield generator" to protect the whole Illumina. The machine needs four crystal from different place. But in journey Elco realize Lusica want use his machine in order to make her immortal queen with rise the demon, Heigou. So Tal, Ailish, Buki, and Elco must stop that evil plan to save Sudeki's world from destruction.
Unfortunately there's a bad point from Sudeki. Here's the bad point :
- We can't equip different armor.
- The ending( after defeat Heigou) in undramatically. Not shown how the four heroes lives after that.
- The story is so linear.
Inspite of that, Sudeki is a great game which it's worthwhile for you to purchase it.