Unbelievably Addictive RPG Adventure Through Out Whole Game

User Rating: 9.5 | Sudeki XBOX
In sudeki you start out in a small town with a characters called Tal. Here you'll get your first little taste of how addictive the game can be. You'll first go to the training grounds and get a chance to test out your combat skills. Your damage at this stage will be only a small margin of what can be achieved later on in the game.

Through out the whole game all the characters you can play will level up. You'll have 4 statistics that you can upgrade. HP which will affects the total amount of hit points the character which is leveling up will have. SP which will affects the the total soul points which is for using spells. Power which affects how much damage a character will issue out with each attack and Essence which affects how much damage you do using spells. Also you'll have the choice of being able to pick out new spells for each character upon level up.

Leveling up in the game is rather simple but depending on your level could take quite a large sum of time. The easiest way to level up is by killing monsters but you can also level up by finding certain items or completing quests.

There is four main playable characters in the game but towards the end you'll be given four characters which you can use for quite some time. Tal who is the main character. He wields a sword and is used for hand to hand combat. Elco who is a scientist. He uses guns and shoots enemies from a distance. Ailish the princess. He uses a wand and attacks from a distance and the last main character is Buki a very well known female warrior. She uses her metal claws which are attached to her hands in hand to hand combat.

The storyline for this game is very easy to understand and at the same time being very interesting. At the end of the game when you look back to everything that's occurred it seems like you've only been playing for a small amount of time.

This game to me is definitely one of my favorites ever made. Its and unbelievable addictive RPG adventure throughout the whole game ;)