This game just makes a catch for people who love world world 2 gamers.

User Rating: 9.8 | Sudden Strike II PC
This game I have fell in love so quickly it's so hard to understand. Well maybe easy. But people who live these types of games will live this game. And this game is the most realistic game ever I have played. Commandos series are just like the same but not. This game you can have mortars, planes, tanks, and much more! Transport trucks are also in. There are so many soldier types it is so cool. It has Riflemen, flamethrowers, motar men, rocket launchers, crew men, officers, snipers, gunners, and much more.

But I wish the next game will have spies and then this game will become amazing. So if you are a third action or first action shooter this game might be a good game for you. But I say....this game is amazing! 10/10 score rating!!!