One of the First and best arcade online multi-player games

User Rating: 8.2 | SubSpace PC
What a game I was introduced to this fine game while I was working for a large company in the US. Simple game plans good graphics and game play was fast even in the age of 33.6 modems. What a starter this game had become, while some may argue with me I do see it as part of the starters for the ongoing craze internet gaming pack.
While simplistic in its approach it hooked so many of us in to playing it night after night. The features of the programing were fluid and caused little or no lag at all. Graphics were smooth and small keeping the issues of lag low. While there were several different games that one could play. Though in the end the cost of running such a server based game was the downfall of this starter. It still has a loyal fan base that is playing the game after creating their own servers. If you have the time and want to try it out it can be found and your will enjoy, simple fun.