Needs a Sequel

User Rating: 9 | Stuntman PS2
This is one of the first games I ever got for my PS2, probably my third or fourth and I still play it. I have other games like GTA and Max Payne but I just find this game to be the most fun. The gameplay is so original, I love it. All the movies you do are all great, none have any boring stunts, everything in this game is fun. The movies are rip offs from movies and shows like Indiana Jones, James Bond and even The Dukes Of Hazzard. And to top off the great movies, they have trailers, yah adds for the movies you do stunts for, its so cool. All the driving is as realistic as Driver, and just as cool. The vehicles are also really cool, you get cars like Dodge Challengers, Aston Martins, Vintage Motorcycles and even a Tank. If all of that isnt enough, the game contains a stunt arena. Its a place where you can make your own extreme jumps and explosions. You have tons of jumps and smashables in this mode and its a lot of fun. Yah the game is hard but once you get used to it, it becomes so much fun and will really keep you busy. If your a fan of the Driver series or games like that I really recommend you buy this game, or at least rent it