if the retakes don't annoy you, this will be some dare devil fun!

User Rating: 8 | Stuntman: Ignition X360
last time stuntman came out, which was 5 years ago, was one hell of a fun game. Now with a new developer, things may have changed, but here is what I think.

it is a very intense mission based driving game where you do the objectives the director gives you. unfortunately, these tasks can get a bit hard to do, but you get 5 chances to not screw up. If you do, you'll have to start the stunt right from the beginning, but the stunts are only 2 or so minutes, so don't worry.

The graphics may not be up to scratch with today's racing games, but the gameplay makes up for it. the physics engines for each vehicle, are different but you'll get used to them.

this game does have a few flaws though. the 'odd stunts' mode seem a bit hard, because if you do 1 mistake, your finished. But you can choose the 'easy mode' which gives you a extra chance, but if halves your score. other drawbacks are that there aren't any stunts in the rest of the word like the prequel, all seem American though. The textures sometimes get jaggy and you can't hear the sweet sounds coming from all the action since you have a yelling director.

but other than that, this is a great game, it has nice features like funny story intros, really cool trailers and a soundtrack that suits the environment you are in. The big question is: is the game really worth getting? If you are looking for a challenging stunt driving game, it is a definite, yes.