Innovative for it's time. Stunt Race FX was a fun if overly ambitious SNES racing title..

User Rating: 8.1 | Wild Trax SNES
Released for the SNES console, Stunt Race FX was a racing game developed using the Super FX chip as utilized in the Star Fox series. Instead of being a totally realistic driving sim, Nintendo based this more on a cartoon based sim, where the cars had eyes for headlights. You could drive several type of car/truck, including 2WD's, 4WD's, Sports cars and even a truck! The game itself wasn't overly difficult to play, but was hard to master. Tracks were well designed, but there was always the feeling that something was missing & I wasn't sure what. For it's day this was a very enjoyable title which was sadly not as popular as it's other Super FX based cousin. Definately enjoyable, and very replayable.