the first racing game to feature full 3d

User Rating: 8.5 | Wild Trax SNES
this game was my favorite racer before i got an n64 the only kiddish thing is that the cars have eyes
the game has 5 playable vehicles but one is only for career(semi) and one you win (bike)
you have 15 levels to choose from and each gets harder you can get 4 choices of race events like speed trax which you race computers, battle trax which you race a friend, free trax which you get to play any track you choose and stunt trax which you do an endurance race to beat the clock and collect as much stars you can.

overall this game will entertain you for hours

this game is in the top 10 racing games on snes
B=gas Y nitro X horn and jump A brake and reverse L sharp turn left R sharp turn right < left > right
some tracks can allow you to jump out of the track or land in water
you have these diamonds one red one blue. the blue one is for nitro fill and the red heals you
if you crash hard enough your car will fall apart