This seemingly charming racer is plagued with terrible controls.

User Rating: 6.5 | Wild Trax SNES


-Cool 3D graphics
-Great track design
-Fun music
-Nice extras


-Controls are awful
-Small screen for multiplayer


Stunt Race FX was one of the first SNES games to demonstrate the capability of the Super FX chip. The Super FX chip uses polygons to create a 3D experience and this game does it extremely well. This racing game is different than a lot of other racers for the Super Nintendo; like the wacky, cartoon-like graphics and living vehicles. This game is great to look at but the frustrating controls are a major setback.


There are four great game modes to choose from: Speed Trax, Stunt Trax, Battle Trax and Test Run. The Speed Trax is the main progression mode where you pick one of three generic vehicles and race against the computer. Sadly, there are only three racers to choose from (4WD Truck, Coupe and F-Type sports car) and you only race against three other computer controlled opponents. Once you've picked your character you get to choose which set of four tracks to drive on. There is a novice, expert and master circuit; each with their own challenging AI. One nice feature is the ability to unlock other games modes which give you a chance to drive other exciting vehicles like the tractor trailer and motorcycle.

The Stunt Trax mode lets one player race through four unique levels with the objective of trying to collect star points in the fastest time. The Battle Trax is where you and a friend can race each other and the same rules apply as the Speed Trax mode. One drawback here is that the screen is a little small due to the map and other dashboard items taking up space; making visibility a tad uncomfortable. The last mode, Test Run, is great for beginners because it lets you race in an open environment for as long as you want until you get familiar with the controls.

The computer AI is actually pretty challenging and each of the fifteen tracks incorporate difficult twists, turns and other obstacles. This game works on a checkpoint system where you have to reach certain stations, throughout the course, in a specific amount of time. If this time expires your race will end in defeat. The track/level design is incredible. The Super FX chip plus the imagination of the development team makes a great combination here.

Unfortunately, the control scheme kills this seemingly lovable game. Turning is horrendous and you'll find yourself "ping-ponging" from wall to wall often; even the more experienced players will have a tough time here. Also, hitting obstacles and other bumps in the road will make your car jump excessively out of control which is very annoying; especially when time is running out.


This is the best aspect that this game has to offer. The track design and 3D graphics are wonderful to look at and there are many fun track themes which include deserts, lakes, and mountain.

The music in Stunt Race FX is fun and upbeat and definitely fits the overall theme of the game. The individual tracks have their own music that is pleasantly enjoyable. The other audio aspects are just what you would expect from a racing game.


This game has an undeniable charm that makes it lovable on the surface. The graphics and music are really well done but the fact that the controls are unbearable is a total letdown. Most of the time your vehicle will be taking needless damage which takes away from the thrill of the race and because of this I can't recommend a purchase here; maybe a rental through. It's very unfortunate that Stunt Race FX has terrible controls because all the other aspects are very enjoyable.