The Great Graphics Are Pretty Much the Only Thing This Game Has Going For It.

User Rating: 8 | Stunt Race FX SNES

Some video games have the AMAZING ability to be GREAT when they come out, and REMAIN great, many years AFTER they have come out! This video game is now 25 years old, and while it was considered GOOD enough to get a FULL issue cover of Nintendo Power to feature it in 1994, time REALLY hasn't been kind to this racing game! Although this is by FAR the best LOOKING racing game on the Super NES, and the first racing game to feature full on 3-D graphics, putting cute cartoon faces on vehicles isn't enough to make me overlook the fact that this video game, is seriously LACKING a healthy selection of tracks and courses to choose from, and there really isn't a big variety of video game playing styles to choose from. Not to mention, the vehicles really CAN'T turn on a dime, unless you happen to push the L or R button to help them turn left or right faster, and even THEN, it's still pretty iffy! While the music and sound are still pretty good, this is one video game you'll probably want to check out only once on the Nintendo Switch, unless you want to play it with multi-player. Otherwise, stick with "Super Mario Kart" and its sequels if you want to have a fun race fix on a Nintendo system! Enough said, true believers!