A must have for the Super NES

User Rating: 9 | Stunt Race FX SNES

I freaking love this game. It and Star Fox showed people that FX games can be awesome. Sadly, only about four or five FX games were made. This game has the FX chip. This chip allows the game to have octagon graphics. Sega also made a similar driving game. 'VIRTUA RACING' for the Genesis. It also uses the FX chip, but Sega called the chip the SVP chip.

Because of the SVP/FX chip, Sega jacked Virtua Racing up to $100. Even though it has the FX chip, Nintendo only charged $70 for their game. Also, Stunt Race FX has three vehicles to choose from and 8 tracks to race on. Virtua Racing only gives one car to drive and only three tracks. This should show you why Stunt Race FX is the better game.