Just plain non-serious fun!

User Rating: 8.5 | Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse XBOX
I've owned my own Xbox copy of this game for years and it's one of the games in my collection that I will never let go.

Graphics- This was an original xbox game so granted the graphics aren't up to par with most of the 360/PS3 graphics of today but for the time they were overall pretty nice.

Gameplay- The gameplay is easy to learn and master. You only really need to know how to claw and eat brains to get through the majority of the game besides certain points where you will need to know how to do special abilities which are an easy to master 1 button press. The gameplay can get a bit repetitive though.

Story- Edward "Stubbs" Stubblefield was a traveling salesman who couldn't sell insurance during the great depression. Ony hot summer day a customer (a young Maggie Monday) made love to him where her father (Otis Monday) caught them in the act and ended up shooting stubbs in the rib with a rifle or shotgun. Now it's 1959 and Stubbs has risen from his grave to take revenge and find his past love Maggie Monday. Not bad story except it is never actually explain how Edward was even able to become a zombie at all. Decent overall though. The biggest problem with this game is the story/campaign's length. It'll take about 5 hours or so for rookies and maybe 3 hours for the determined veteran.

Replayability- The story is fun to play through and eating brains added on with the game's great humor should earn another replay or two without getting to bored. Plus the game has offline co-op so you can chew on the brains of the living with a friend playing as Stubb's identical companion Grubbs.

Fun Factor- The game is very entertaining with the humor and the funny dialogue.

Overall- I recommend this game for zombie goers and comedy seekers a like. A good rental and buy.