Stubbs the Zombie is enjoyable, sometimes funny and most notably extremely too short.

User Rating: 8.5 | Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse XBOX
Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel without a Pulse follows around a Zombie who, at first, you don't understand his mission or at least I didn't. But as the game progresses you start to put the pieces together. This game has the standard Zombie fare of eating brains and smashing through things without flair. This game is unique in that though many games have Zombie subjects and material this one sets you in his, well whats left of his skin and lets you roam around town eating and destroying at will.

The case states the game was built on the Halo engine and anyone who has played Halo will almost instantly see the resemblance here. The game is very nice to look at although the driving mechanics leave something to be desired, although few and far between you actually find something to drive, walking about town, beating and feeding off humans is fairly easy and becomes almost a button mash after a while. Although the human powers escalate as in any game, they never really pose much of a threat. Stubbs learns to bowl them down with his head, detach his hand to possess unwitting humans and take over their powers, launch gut grenades which are very effective and Stubbs can even unleash foul gas to stun surrounding foes.

After they are stunned you can eat their brains turning them into Allies, also eating brains helps replenish your special powers listed above. Allies will help you take down more foes further continuing the pandemic of zombification within the game. The game is linear and any illusion of free roaming is cut down quickly as the game is cut down into chapters and the maps are pretty straight forward, yet sometimes it can get a little confusing as to your main objective. The buildings, interiors and all items included within look very good and well rendered as are the zombies and other AI characters.

Stubbs the Zombie has many humorous lines and acts within the game. This game will keep you entertained the whole few hours you play it! Overall, Stubbs the Zombie is enjoyable, sometimes funny and most notably extremely too short.