A great game that has to be played to belived. Don't just wait around for the 360, great games are here now.

User Rating: 9.2 | Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse XBOX
The gaming industry has latley fallen into a slumber while everyone mimics Halo, Resident Evil, or any other best seller. "Attack of the Clones," you might say. Stubbs the Zombie, despite being made with the Halo engine thrusts itself away from the norm and mixes the gaming community up with a innovative title.
You may hear talk of the repetition of the gameplay but that can't be farther from the truth. Yes, you go from A to B clearing your path (sound like Halo anyone?) but the means in which to do this is up to you. Your tools at your disposal are various. For those of us who prefer to tote a weapon to chewing on brains from time to time, the hand of possesion at your disposal is fantastic. The controls remain tight while being in 3rd person and any Halo vetran will be right at home.
Those moments from Halo 1 & 2 of being on the battlefield and watching your humans and those covenant wage war are transferred over to Stubbs. Subsituting in those pesky aliens for some home grown zombies and putting the humans in your path. You will constantly be smiling as you see your zombie horde grown and attack the pockets of humans all around you. This happens at all times mind you.
The AI for the humans on the normal difficulty setting is pretty weak in the beginning to let you get your bearings, but soon you'll find the humans staying in groups, pinning you behind cover, and then flanking you to draw you out. Superb.
Although the gameplay may seem simple to noobs for the first 2 hours, once you unlock all of Stubbs' powers this undead can really let you go wild.
Just as in Halo on the normal setting you won't have to think much on your first run through about strategy if you choose not to. Here you can simply just eat everyones brains and not think about it twice. This could get repetive, yes.
Yet up the ante on the difficulty or just get creative and you'll find yourself really discovering what Stubbs has to offer. The AI and numbers of enemies you'll face will grow and strategy will surface where at first you saw none.
This game may not be a Splinter Cell Chaos Theory when it comes to graphics, yet the visual style and screen filters work fantasically well. Mono chromatic blur as you posses the living is something you gotta see.
I could go on and on about this title. It's a great treat to find something so unique and polished in a market of clones.
If your looking for something diffrent, fun, and with laugh out loud moments around every corner look no further that Stubbs the Zombie.