Commanding an army of zombies has never been this much fun. Come to think of it, its never been done before.

User Rating: 7.9 | Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse XBOX
Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse, takes a different stance on survival horror. This time, you're not the one running; people are running from you. Stubbs is an interesting character, who just happens to sprout up from the ground one day in the middle of a park. That is where he claims his first victim. A young teenage boy sitting with his girl friend is the first to get his brain eaten by Stubbs. It is a rather satisfying sight. Although you have committed a serious crime, the cops aren't after you just yet.

You are greeted by a friendly robot, who really doesn't even care about the dead body next to you. She welcomes you to Punchbowl, a futuristic city set in the 1950s. She then proceeds to show you the basic controls you will need to begin your conquest. She also points out the large, gaping hole in your chest, and wonders why you are not bothered by it. Stubbs the Zombie is full of hilarious comments and comical situations.

Carrying on, you see that your first victim is now a zombie. He attacks other people, which starts a chain reaction like nuclear fission. The victims of the attacks soon transform into groaning zombies, who then attack others. Soon, you will find yourself in command of a battalion of undead soldiers. Although the commands are simple, they work well enough to get you are your zombie brothers through the game. Pressing Y will get their attention, and they will follow you to the next batch of helpless humans. Sometimes, it can be frustrating when the zombies get stuck, but for every one that gets stuck, you can easily get 3 more by biting some more people.

Throughout the game, you can perform a wide array of different actions. As you progress, you will obtain different powers; each one more hilarious than the next. Your first power is flatulance. You basically make a giant cloud of gas that stuns anyone in the surrounding area. Then you are free to attack them without getting shot. Your next power is your arm. Yes, Stubbs can actually pull his own arm off! Players can control the arm, which is useful in several situations. For example, Stubbs is captured at one point in the game, so he uses his arm to release him from the bed he is strapped to. The arm can also be used to possess other people, some of which may have powerful weapons like pistols and rocket launchers.

Your last power is the rolling head. Stubbs removes his head and rolls it across the ground. You control the direction of the head, and can detonate it at any time. It sounds silly, but it can be very amusing. Players can also get some other weapons, such as grenades, and vehicles. One might think that killing people gets monotonous, but with a wide variety of powers, and mini-games such as dancing, it is good enough for most people.

As far as visuals go, Stubbs the Zombie looks great. Stubbs is highly detailed, and players can even see his internal organs. The other characters aren't quite as good-looking, but they still look great. And although some of the secenry looks bland at times, it usually looks very good. The attack animations are very nicely done too, with all the blood and skull fragments pouring out in all directions. The sound is just as well-developed as the graphics. Players can hear the crunching sounds each zombie makes when it attacks. The music is nothing special, but it does fit the gameplay quite well.

The only problem I had with this game was the fact that it was too short. Sure, the story was funny while it lasted, but by the end, you'll want more. And although being a zombie was a lot of fun for a change, it was sometimes tedious to kill people over and over again. However, it was fun to feel like you were slowly taking control of a city, spreading the dreadful disease wherever you went. It would have been nice to have more commands for the zombies, but like I said, the commands provided are sufficient most of the time. If you are looking for a good time, Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse is a great choice. Its nice to be able to play the zombie for once.