6 years for this? Man, are you kidding me?

User Rating: 4.5 | Stronghold: Crusader Extreme PC
The main problem is that there´s nothing new here. No new units, graphics, buildings, tactics, sounds or anything.
Let me start out with that: You, your friends and your opponents all start out with the standard resources, except you got 3 uncontrollable Arabian mercenary camps that will spew out free swordsmen, bowmen and stoneslingers like no tomorrow.
This makes all matches incredibly easy/short as the A.I will just use their standard tactics. however in some mission of Crusader Map Trail, other opponents have this uncontrollable Arabian mercenary camps and This makes game very hard.
oh; One thing is new, special abillities. These abillities range from instantly spawning 20 spearmen or 20 macemen at your base to bombarding your enemy with either an instantenous cheap volley of arrows, to the even more grossly overpowered volley of rocks which will a small area with roughly 100 trebuchet shots, completely annihilating everything within. They are silly and unbalanced and do NOT enchant your castle-building experience at all.
maybe as a free patch, this is acceptable but As a retail game, this is just silly. They didn't even fix the problems of the original before releasing the same game once more.
and finally some new maps and new Crusader Map Trail; that's all after 6 years!!!!
The only good thing about Stronghold Crusader Extreme is that is also contains the original Stronghold Crusader. so if you don't play Stronghold: Crusade, maybe you like this.