When you can win the match solely by digging in and using special abillities, then something is SERIOUSLY wrong

User Rating: 1 | Stronghold: Crusader Extreme PC
What happend to Firefly? They've made one of the best, grade A castle-sim RTS games to this date, first with the original stronghold, then stronghold crusader. Then it started going downhill with the sequel and later on the "Legends" where they blew it all to bits with dragons and magic. Now it apparently seems like Firefly in cooperation with Gamecock studios have released a new version of the crusader edition, only that this time it includes an "extreme" mode. Let me start out with that: You, your friends and your opponents all start out with the standard resources, except you got 3 uncontrollable arabian mercenary camps that will spew out free swordsmen, bowmen and stoneslingers like no tomorrow. Apart from that, a "new" feature has been added in the form of "oh-hoo-bloody-ray" special abillities. These abillities range from instantly spawning 20 spearmen or 20 macemen at your base to bombarding your enemy with either an instantenous cheap volley of arrows, to the even more grossly overpowered volley of rocks which will a small area with roughly 100 trebuchet shots, completely annihilating everything within.
This makes all matches incredibly easy/short as the A.I will just use their standard tactics, and then once in a while use the 600 arab units to do a braindead unsupported storm headon at your base. And all you need to do is build some towers, place all your archers in these towers, then let them take out everything dumb enough to come at you, while you hurl stones at the enemys base.
The graphics and sound are unbeliveably still the same, which are at this point of gaming history completely unacceptable due to you'd at least expect some 3D rendering in the gameplay.

Overall you can definitely feel that Firefly are drawing their final breaths as they think they can release a 7 year old cake with a new salty icing. They don't need new icing, they need help before our beloved Stronghold is destroyed!