I can understand people who were players of the original Crusader not liking this game but if your new to both of them..

User Rating: 8 | Stronghold: Crusader Extreme PC
I can fully understand why people who played the original crusader woudn't like this "expansion" (more like a mod). It really was not an expansion, but if your new to the series, such as I, it can be fun if you just want to have huge challenging battles. It is EXTREME, just like the title states, if you think its to hard, your just not extreme enough. Its easy to take everyone down, besides the dreaded abbot. But I am relatively new to the series and managed to take down some of the harder bots with a fun, fair fight. The huge battles can be fun to watch, unlike the original Stronghold : Crusader, which is still better than this game. There is also a sidebar with features such as, money, rain of arrows, more men, rain of rocks, it makes it a little more fun. It feels very rushed though to, which makes it an 8.
But again if you like huge (and I mean massive) battles, this "expansion" is for you.