Out of desperation, FireFly releases an "expansion" to their most successful and brilliant game...

User Rating: 2 | Stronghold: Crusader Extreme PC
Stronghold Crusader was a brilliant game. I gave it a 10/10 and I'm not about to take that back any time soon. Even after several years it still manages to consume much of my free time. I play single games pretty often, and LAN games whenever my friends and I get the chance.

However, this re-release is very disappointing and really shows us how desperate FireFly Studios is right now. Stronghold Crusader's sequels failed miserably, so FireFly released Stronghold Crusader Extreme six years later in an attempt to squeeze even more money out of their most successful game.

SC Extreme brings few notable features to the game. It gives you the ability to have much larger armies, but in turn the AI is much harder. It's nearly impossible to beat any of the missions, even if you were awesome at the original game. Second, there are a few new "super power" features you can use, such as raining down arrows on your enemies from nowhere. It is imitative of the old Command & Conquer games, and just doesn't make much sense.

What bugs me is that they didn't bother to make any changes to the game's engine to make it more capable of being played on modern computers. For instance, the game still doesn't support widescreen or high resolution monitors. Why bother to re-release a game in 2008 without at least updating the engine a little?

All in all, this was just a FireFly's final attempt to make a little money from the Stronghold franchise. Many of us bought it, expecting decent updates, only to be disappointed. FireFly got our money, but in doing so they also put a black mark on their name as a developer.