Easy game for everyone, and as good as Stronghold Crusader. You can judge yourself how good you thought THAT was.

User Rating: 6.5 | Stronghold: Crusader Extreme PC
Quite easy game for players with decent skills, and those who actually played it for more than a few hours. "Diehard" players/fans should have no problems, but it is unfortunate at that point that the multiplayer system still is that bad.

Actually all you need is to keep a constant flow of gold while keeping your peasants happy (again there is no certain formula for your building and production path, so don't think at first you have to do the obvious with getting farms, woodcutters, mills and bakeries, barracks and armoury, weapon and armour makers etc.). Instead I actually differentiated and ADAPTED in the situations like an RTS player, even the stupidest, do. So for example in the second mission I survived by keeping a good offensive defensive (keep expanding walls and towers with archers), and of course those were Arabic as they only cost gold and not anything besides that.

All in all, much the same as Stronghold Crusader with a few more features and powers, and the missions got a "pimp". That way, it works but it still is a dated gameplay and gets boring.